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North Bali Tour

About Trip

North Bali Tour is a Bali Full Day Tour Packages to visit North Bali with cool atmosphere. For those of you who really like the beauty of natural panoramas, then this Full Day Tour is perfect for you, where you will visit Wanagiri Hidden Hill, Banyumala Twin Waterfall, Brahma Vihara Asrama, and Banjar Hot Water Spring. Have fun in this one day tour to North Bali Tour.

Destination :

  • Wanagiri Hidden Hill
  • Banyumala Twin Waterfall
  • Brahma Vihara Asrama
  • Bloom Garden Bedugul

Price For The Tour :

  • USD 47/person ( Solo Traveller )
  • USD 25/person ( Minimum Booking 2 Person )
  • USD 18/person ( Minimum Booking 4 - 5 Person )

Include :

  • Petrol
  • Car with Air Conditioner
  • Parking Fee
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Bottle Water for 1 Person

Not Include :

  • Entrance Ticket to Tourist Attraction
  • Lunch & Dinner

Information :

  • Tour Duration 10 Hours
  • In addition to destnation that we provide in the tour, you can also request or custom your travel destinations while in bali
  • During our trip, all of you also can do or stop some places for shopping

Detail Trip

The origin of the word wana giri comes from the word, which is where the word Wana means forest and Giri which means hill, and the word wanagiri means hill of forest. in this place it is still natural, many shady trees and animals such as birds and sometimes there are apes in these hills. The growing tourism in Bali, by local residents, this place was transformed into a tourist attraction where from this place we can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and also in this place provided some facilities for taking pictures like swing, nest bird and others. As for the natural scenery that can be seen from this hill, namely the view of twin lake view and unspoiled tropical forest. With a location located in the hills with a view of the Tamblingan lake that is so beautiful with a stretch of lake water that is so clear and also around the lake there is a small forest that is so enchanting, it's no wonder that this hidden hill Wanagiri tourist destination is always visited by foreign and domestic tourists, because the charm offered is very tempting. As a very popular photo spot with a very enchanting lake view.

Banyumala Waterfall is a waterfall located in Banjar Asah Panji, Wanagiri Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. Banyumala Waterfall opened as a tourist attraction in July 2015. The area with an area of ​​​​about 173 sq km is known for the beauty of its waterfalls.
From a height the water pours down between the rocks covered with chickenpox and moss plants. Plants that spread as if to separate the waterfall into three parts. The water races to fall into the pool and create a rush of tributaries below. As if chasing each other, free fall, unburdened. The water that fills the pool is very clear and calm. So clear the rocks under the pool can be seen from above.
A sight that makes the heart calm as if the mind is without a burden. How long, from various viewpoints, the waterfall landscape is not boring to look at. Two small waterfalls on the right and left flanking the largest waterfall right in the middle. The highest waterfall stretches for about 20 meters. Under the estuaries of the three waterfalls there is a large naturally formed pool. This round pool is about 15 meters in diameter. At certain moments a rainbow will appear stretching across the pond.
The pool is of medium depth. Water that fills up to an adult's chest. Make this pool safe for swimming. For those who cannot swim, they can just soak in the rocks by the pool.

The Brahma monastery was first built by Bante Rakhito Mahatera in the village of Banjar Tegeha, Banjar sub-district, Buleleng district. So it is often called by the name of Vihara Buddha Banjar. For tourists, this place becomes an interesting place because apart from being a place of worship, it is also a tourist spot in the Buleleng area. Vihara Vihara Arama Bali was first built since 1970, then in the next 3 years it was inaugurated as a place of worship or a temple for Buddhists. Today it is even the largest temple on the island of Bali.
Many people consider the Brahma Vihara Buddhist place of worship to be a sacred place that offers serenity and is ideal for meditation. For the architecture of the temple, it does not leave Balinese characteristics. In this area there is also a mini Borobudur temple, which adds to the beautiful and unique impression. No wonder when visiting this place many foreign tourists throng this attraction. In addition to displaying the beauty of the building which is a place of worship for Buddhists, the natural beauty from a height can also be enjoyed from this place. The expanse of the ocean on the north side with green trees is a refreshing panorama. Sharing typical Balinese buildings is also complete.

The Blooms Garden Bedugul, a tourist area in the highlands that presents cool air and fresh and clean air as well as a beautiful and spectacular flower garden panorama. A tourist park inspired by the beauty of The Miracle Garden in Dubai and the beauty of the garden in Bandung. Not only is it filled with beautiful flowers and ornamental plants, the surrounding natural panorama is also really enchanting. With a mountainous backdrop, The Blooms Garden Bedugul is increasingly beautiful and captivates the hearts of tourists. You who are bored with the hustle and bustle of the city atmosphere, the beautiful green scenery and the calm atmosphere in this tourist spot will make you more relaxed and refreshed. Even though it is located in the highlands of the mountainous region, the location of this tourist park is quite strategic. From this park, tourists can easily visit other tourist destinations that are no less interesting. This strategic location is one of the reasons why this relatively new tourist spot has quickly become popular and has become a favorite of both domestic and foreign tourists.
Bloom garden is located on five hectares of land with various beautiful flower plants and various selfie spots. In addition to visiting this place, you can also visit a coffee plantation, and the natural panorama is captivating because it is located on a mountainous plateau. The air is also really fresh, and cool.

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